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Chapter 1 - Cover

[[Final Fantasy VII logo]]
Narrator: Final Fantasy VII Growth - Story and Art by Enkida
[[Portrait of Vincent]]
Narrator: Chapter 1: Post-Heroism

{{colored by Andy Goth}}

Chapter 1 - 001

[[A forest canopy.]]


[[Vincent is holding his rifle out and looking angry.]]

{{black and white}}

Chapter 1 - 002

[[Vincent sighs.]]

[[A dead frog is seen.]]

[[Vincent tucks his gun away while looking at the frog.]]
Vincent: I can't believe I'm doing this.

[[Close-up of Vincent's eyes.]]
Vincent: Vincent Valentine.  AVALANCHE member and arguably one of the saviors of this world.  I helped defeat the Emerald Weapon.  I protected this planet not only from Meteor, but also itself.

[[Vincent's claw picks up the frog.]]
Vincent: Yet here I am, exterminating Toxic Frogs in Gongaga.

[[Vincent places the frog in a sack.]]
Vincent: How could things have gone so wrong after that fateful battle?

{{black and white}}

Chapter 1 - 003

[[Vincent reminisces.]]
Vincent: It began after the final battle with Jenova... no, Sephiroth.

Vincent: We had returned with the Highwind to Cosmo Canyon...

[[The evening sky, with the moon shining above.]]
Vincent: The sky was flawless on that evening five years ago.  Our futures, however, were not so clear.

[[Flashback: Cosmo Canyon, at the Candle.  AVALANCHE members are seated around the fire.]]
Vincent: What course could heroes of the world possibly take after having saved it?

{{black and white}}

Chapter 1 - 004

[[Cid is smoking a cigarette.]]
Cid: Well $#!+!  I know where the %!#! I'm going!  I waited too #!&# long already!

[[A fractured view of other AVALANCHE members - Tifa, Cloud, Yuffie, Vincent, Barret, Cait Sith and Nanaki.]]
Cid: You all better $!#!$&# decide where the $+!# you wanna go, before I take the Highwind and leave you here!

{{black and white}}

Chapter 1 - 005

[[Cait Sith is perched atop his stuffed moogle, looking worried.]]
Cait Sith: Hey, I never thought about what would happen if we made it out alive!  You mean we aren't going to stick together?

[[A paper crane knocks Cait Sith off of his moogle.  The moogle sweatdrops.]]

[[Yuffie, sitting by the fire, catches the crane while Cait Sith recovers. Cait Sith, rubbing his cheek, looks annoyed.]]
Yuffie: Gawd, Reeve, it's not like you were gonna die anyway!  You're a big frickin' stuffed animal, your body wasn't even in the Northern Crater!
Caith Sith: That's not what I mean, Yuffie!  Meteor almost hit Midgar, you know?  I would have died too, along with the rest of the planet.

{{black and white}}

Chapter 1 - 006

[[Yuffie and Cait Sith stop arguing to look over their shoulders.]]
Tifa: But we didn't die.

[[Closeup of Tifa talking, with a faded silhouette of Aeris in the foreground.]]
Tifa: We need to go on with our lives.  It's what Aeris would have wanted.

[[Closeup of Cloud's chin.]]
Cloud: Tifa's right...

[[Closeup of Cloud's face.]]
Cloud: It's what Aeris would have wanted all of us to do.

{{black and white}}

Chapter 1 - 007

[[Cloud stands in front of the fire, giving a speech.]]
Cloud: The planet still needs us.
Cloud: Maybe it doesn't need warriors anymore...

[[Closeup of Cloud's face, as a montage of dead characters (Sephiroth, Jenova, Aeris, Rufus) are displayed behind him.]]
Cloud: Sephiroth...
Cloud: Jenova...
Cloud: The Cetra...
Cloud: Shinra...
Cloud: They're all gone now.

[[The planet.]]
Cloud: The planet belongs to us, for better or for worse.  We have to take care of it.

[[Cloud crosses his arms.]]
Cloud: It's our own responsibility now.

{{black and white}}

Chapter 1 - 008

[[Cloud stands before Tifa and Barret, in front of the fire.]]
Barret: Yeah, well, I was thinkin' of goin' back to Corel an' helpin' them rebuild.

[[Barret closes his eyes and looks peaceful.]]
Barret: It'd be a good place for Marlene, too.  Guess it's time to go home.

[[Closeup of Nanaki.]]
Nanaki: I am already home.

[[Nanaki seated in front of one of the Huge Materia.]]
Nanaki: I am Nanaki, Guardian of Cosmo Canyon.  I will stay here and protect the Huge Materia.

[[Cait Sith happily points a finger up.]]
Cait Sith: I'll stay here too!

[[Closeup of Cait Sith's face.]]
Cait Sith: Well, I mean Cait Sith will stay here.  It's time for me to stop being the toy...

[[Closeup of Reeve's face.]]
Reeve: ... and return to being Reeve, the man.

{{black and white}}

Chapter 1 - 009

[[Overhead view of Midgar]]
Reeve: Midgar is finished... it's a miracle any of us survived.  Aeris' miracle.

[[Cait Sith is shown, once again happy.]]
Reeve: But I'm going to Junon.  They could really use a good manager there, and that's me!

[[Closeup of Cid, clenching a cigarette between his teeth.]]
Cid: Don't make me spell it out, Strife!  I'm going back to Rocket Town as fast as the Highwind can take me!

[[Cid sweatdrops as Cait Sith, Cloud, Tifa and Yuffie snicker at him.]]

[[Cid's cigarette nearly falls out of his mouth as he yells angrily.]]
Cid: WHAT!?

[[Cid closes his eyes as he explains his reasons.]]
Cid: "$#!+!  There's no better place to start a flight school than Rocket Town!  The world's best pilot and Shinra's best technician will both be livin' there...

[[Cid's teeth clench as a sing-song voice cuts into his monologue.]]
Voice: Together!

{{black and white}}

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